This curriculum covers threat assessment and active shooter preparedness training for anyone that works in or around a public building.

Because courthouses must be accessible and in centralized locations, they are vulnerable to random acts of violence. Courts must have proper security procedures, technology, personnel, and property within and around the courts.

While there is no one solution to issues concerning court security, proper planning must involve collaboration with law enforcement offices, emergency agencies, and governing bodies to include employee training and third party risk assessments.

This course covers: 

• Elements for Effective Courtroom Safety & Planning 

• Security Personnel 

• Physical Security 

• Incident Reporting 

• Education and Enforcement 

• Communication 

• Funding 

• Planning 

• Equipment 

• Behavior 

• Assessing, Investigating, and Managing the Threat 

• Active Shooter / Run - Hide - Fight 

• Security Drills 

• Self-Auditing 

• Third Party Risk Assessments 

The intended audience includes: Judges, court administrators, attorneys, court clerks, maintenance staff, leadership staff, police officers, deputy sheriffs, bailiffs, court security officers, and more.

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