This course is designed to provide corrections staff, volunteers, and contractors with Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) refresher training that work in community confinement settings.

This course covers the following PREA Standards:

  • §115.211 – Zero tolerance of sexual abuse and sexual harassment; PREA coordinator
  • §115.215 – Limits to cross-gender viewing and searches
  • §115.216 – Residents with disabilities and residents who are limited English proficient
  • §115.231 – Employee training
  • §115.251 – Resident reporting
  • §115.252 – Exhaustion of administrative remedies
  • §115.253 – Resident access to outside confidential support services
  • §115.254 – Third-party reporting
  • §115.264 – Staff first responder duties
  • §115.282 – Access to emergency medical and mental health services

As a pre-requisite, all attendees should have completed a full PREA Initial Employee training course to have a good basic understanding of PREA.

A certificate is generated upon completion. This course will take an estimated 45 minutes to complete.

In this course we cover the following topics:

PREA Basics

  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Dynamics of Sexual Abuse in Detention
  • Detecting Signs of Sexual Abuse

Effects of Abuse

  • Disclosures
  • Common Reactions to Abuse
  • Responding to Victimized Residents

Professional Communication and Boundaries

  • Professional Communication
  • Appropriate Interactions
  • Compromised Professionalism 

Resident Privacy

  • Privacy Does Not Compromise Security
  • Housing Unit Announcements
  • Pat Searches and Urine Drops

Ways Residents Can Report

  • Multiple Ways Residents Can Report
  • Third-Party Reporting
  • Reporting in the Community

Resident Support Services

  • Resident Support Services
  • What Services Are Provided?
  • Privacy

Helping Residents Who Primarily Speak Another Language

  • Can a Resident Provide Interpretation?
  • Who Can Provide Interpretation
  • Tips for Speaking with Residents Whose English is Limited

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